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Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are a manufacturer of select Coconut Shell Activated Carbon from the Philippines
We are strategically located in one of the densest coconut-producing regions in the Philippines, thus, are assured of a continuous supply of raw materials.
We partner with farmers and farming cooperatives adopting technology to efficiently convert coconut shells into the finest activated carbons.
We periodically test our products in an on-site laboratory to ensure their high-quality.  We also custom manufacture activated carbons to our client's specifications.
We combine engineering resources with efficient logistics to produce high quality products at competitive prices.  We are committed to our client's satisfaction.

  Green Carbon, Inc. is committed to cleaning the environment and protecting human health by
producing coconut shell activated carbons which are efficient for air and water purification.

The company is owned and operated by engineering graduates of  the Massachusetts Institute of
Technology (MIT).  Their technical expertise guarantees the high quality of our products.

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